AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Recover your applications within minutes. Safeguard your business beyond boundaries.

Your Key to Uninterrupted Operations and Peace of Mind

When disaster strikes, having a reliable and efficient disaster recovery solution is paramount. Digitank Africa leverages the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DSR) service to provide you with a seamless and responsive recovery mechanism. We tailor this service to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring that your IT infrastructure remains operational even in the face of disasters.

How We Ensure Scalable and Cost-effective Application Recovery

Lift and Shift Migration

We begin by conducting a thorough consultation to understand your business’ unique requirements, recovery time objectives (RTOs), recovery point objectives (RPOs), and existing IT infrastructure. Our experts collaborate closely with your team to identify critical applications, data, and systems that require protection. A detailed assessment is done to evaluate your current disaster recovery capabilities and any gaps that need addressing.

Setup and Configuration

Once the plan is in place, we configure and set up the necessary AWS resources for disaster recovery. This involves creating a mirror of your production environment in the AWS cloud, ensuring that your data and applications are replicated and synchronized in real-time.

Continuous Replication

The AWS DSR service employs continuous replication techniques to ensure that any changes made to your production environment are promptly mirrored in the recovery environment. This guarantees minimal data loss in the event of a disaster.

Testing and Validation

Regular testing and validation exercises are conducted to ensure the readiness of the recovery environment. We perform simulated disaster scenarios to assess the effectiveness of the AWS DSR service and make any necessary adjustments.

Automated Failover and Recovery

In the event of a disaster, our automated failover process is initiated, seamlessly redirecting users and traffic to the recovery environment. We ensure that failover processes are orchestrated efficiently, minimizing downtime, and ensuring business continuity.

Monitoring and Optimization

Our team monitors the service 24/7, keeping a vigilant eye on the health and performance of your recovery environment. Performance optimizations and updates are implemented to ensure that your disaster recovery solution remains robust and up to date.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

We provide continuous support to address any issues, concerns, or questions you may have regarding the AWS DSR service. Regular maintenance activities, including patching and updates, are carried out to ensure the solution’s reliability and security.
With Digitank Africa’s approach to disaster recovery, you can be confident that your business isn equipped to handle any unforeseen challenges. Our proactive and strategic implementation ensures that your data and applications remain secure, and your operations continue seamlessly even in the face of disruptions.

Discover how the AWS DSR service can safeguard your business against the unexpected